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Reply To: Dual-rate TRX


Dear All,

Related to DR-TRX, in ALU, it also has a relation to Abis TS.

As I know, if Full Rate, then it will allocate 64 kbps (1 TS Abis), and when HALF RATE, it applies 32 kbps Abis(2 GCHs or 2 nibbles of Abis).

But sometimes, when I tried to apply HR in a certain site, it could not be done. The reason was “no TS Abis provided in Abis”. I wonder, in FULLRATE, it had no problem at Abis TS, but when we want to apply HALFRATE (becomes ENABLE), there was no TS Abis provided, instead, HALFRATE just only take a half of 1 TS Abis.

I’d be gratefull if smb could explain this case.

Thanks alot