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Reply To: DL power control and DL DTX



yes, that’s the PC parametrs, thanks.

pwrc cannot be disabled… the good value should be:
“1: measurements made on BCCH frequency are not included”

kindly test mania’s recommendations (welcome back mania 🙂 )

– disable BS_PC
– to simplify the analysis, stop base band hopping and use “no hopping” instead.
– do the drive test
– 1/ connect on tch on the BCCH TRX
– 2/ connect on a tch on a non BCCH TRX

problem still here ?

another to investigate … chec the qos indicators “path balance” and “rtch erlang total” per TRX. are some trx’s having a path balance far away from 0, while carrying erlang > 2 erlangs ?