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Reply To: GERAN feature package 1 problem



CRO = 31 (dB !) and PT = 61 ? argh… doesn’t make sense 😀 you must have confused something.

In my case, I tune an average CRO for the whole 1800 cells in my network. Since all 1800 are collocated with 900, it works well. The goal is not to have perfect settings for each cell, but an average that works well everywhere.
As you noticed, most improvements come from frequency planning, antenna tilts, etc. Parameters should be simply tuned… (and fine tune only in some specific cases)

I can certainly help you about FDR settings, if you need.

Regarding your 1800 congestion, the only solution is to load them less… –> load the 900 instead. One easy way to do it would be to reduce the sensitivity of your “early HO”.

Quest, you’ll be our “Geek of the Week End” ;-D (just kidding)

pix (Your Everyday’s Geek)