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Reply To: loss free preemtion


Hi Safar,

The counters are defined as follows:

“FLUDISC:Number of times the entire contents of a downlink buffer in the PCU were discarded due to an inter RA cell reselection or inter PCU cell reselection (i.e. Flush message received in PCU that deleted the contents of a PCU buffer).”

“FLUMOVE:Number of times the contents of a downlink buffer in the PCU were moved to another queue due to a flush message received in the PCU.”

I think you should look at your RA design. High values of these counters indicate many inter-RA cell reselections. You also mentioned inter-PCU cell reselection. How many PCUs do you have? What are the PCU utilizations?

I don’t believe implementing loss-free preemption will help. According to ericsson, loss free preemption applies in the following cases:
1.Preemption of essential PDCH
2.TBF setup failure
3.Intra cell handover of Dual Transfer Mode (DTM) connection
4.Mobile switches from DTM to Packet Switched only mode (CS call release)
5.BSS switches Abis transmission rate when Flexible Abis applies.

Hope this helps.