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Reply To: CHGR0 CHGR1



I am too a little disappointed here 🙂 But don’t take it personally, thanks a lot for your explanation.

I think we called it “dummy” TRX in ALU, but it has never been used.
I didn’t understand the difference between the 1st method and the 2nd method. In both case, you need one additional TRX, and that TRX won’t handle traffic. Is that correct ?

In ALU, in BBH, one TRX is using different frequencies. It is called pseudo-BBH 🙂 Each TRX is swicthing frequencies each TDMA frame. The TCH stays put on its TRX. TCH are not TRX-hopping… it is the TRX that is “freq-hopping”. (it is ALU way of doing it)

So you see, the difference between BBH and SFH is not
“In baseband hopping, each TRX transmits on a single frequency, whereas in synthesized hoppng, each TRX transmits on all the hopping frequencies.”

It is rather :
in BBH, if there are n TRX in the cell, there are only n hopping frequencies.

In SFH, number of frequencies is higher than number of TRX.