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Reply To: TA reports…..


Hi All,
@ Regarding PMRES files.Its true they are found decoded in the OMCR in Compressed as well as non compressed format and their duration can be controled by OMCR. However the RMS data (CEll / TRX Level Quality Level, Pathbalance are )counters are stored in binary format. for the description of the counters like MC01 etc they can be found in RNO or there is a file which I am not sure Alcatel can share with you or not that is the “PM Counter Description”, also there is an access database that contains all such descriptions. Try the Alcatel guys and backdoors.
@TA Max. Well the cell site evaluates the TA from the RACH. if it exceeds the TA limit then
its automatically discarded. now the MS would not know that the RACH has been discarded so it woulod assume a RACH collision and after the SD_assignment guard timer would resend a RACH on the same cell that too would be rejected. now it would try this for Max_Retrans times and then reselect to any other qualifying cell for a time I think 10 sec (have to check) before reselecting again to the best server. this time is enough for another attempt so a RACH is sent on this cell and hopefully it would get a TCH. if you havent played aroung with dedicated mode coverage then in normal settings the call would soon handover to the cell with max_TA limit. so you might have to cater for that too.
@High power antenna.
Well in terms of coverage enhancement it does work.
you can also look for other options like having TRXs in coverage mode, on in air combining.
only drawback of high Gain antennas is that the ones we have only had one port so there was no diversity. also since we only wanted coverage to we did not add any combiner and so had only one TRX per antenna. you could try power based concentric cells for catering for capacity.
In LNA in Uplink the received power does increase but try and find LNAs that have alarms reported when they develop faults as else debugging the LNA equipped sites would be next to impossible as they do get faulty for no reason.