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Reply To: Suspend in DL_TBF_Release_Cause in ALU


Dear Pix & Bijoy & All,

Thank you for your explanation.

Yes, indeed, suspend is normal, I’ve read that in ALU documentation, but your answer does make it more obvious, before, I really a bit confuse about suspend. Thanks 🙂

Then, if I may, i want to ask related to this.

1. If MS allocates 1 dynamic PDCH, then as this is PDCH dynamic (can be also allocated to TCH or suspend behavior) and voice TCH is too high at that time, it pushes TCH to use the seized PDCH Dynamic, then what will happen if the TCH still use that Dynamic PDCH for a long time? I think the MS can’t browse the internet anymore if the TBF doesn’t resume (Please correct me if I’m wrong). Will this case affect the MS to break down the internet connection?

2. I have a case where in that cell, traffic voice is low, but traffic Data demand is high (1E1 Abis). Then I set MIN_PDCH=4, MAX_PDCH_HIGHLOAD=8 and MAX PDCH=14 (4 TRXs). Unfortunately, the user can’t use BBM (Bleckberry), email, and browsing. But, when I re-set the configuration became MIN_PDCH=2, MAX_PDCH_HIGH_LOAD=2, and MAX_PDCH=11 (40% of Available TCH), the user can access easily.

My analysis is related to the available GCHs in Abis. Is there any possibility that when we assign MAX_PDCH_HIGH_LOAD(or MAX PDCH >40% of Available TCH) too high or = MAX_PDCH, it will affect the accessibility? As I know, MIN_PDCH==> has dedicated GCHs reserved in Abis, MAX_PDCH_HIGH_LOAD ==> has dedicated GCHs as demanded (if the nibble/GCH is not used by traffic voice, it would be used for dedicated traffic data), MAX_PDCH ==> Has no GCH reserved. Then, perhaps, when we assign too high MAX_PDCH_HIGH_LOAD, it will force to always reserve the GCHs in Abis, meanwhile, no GCHs available again in Abis. Am I right?

3.Please help me out to clarify my understanding of this example below : If I set MIN_PDCH (dedicated PDCH)=2, MAX_PDCH_High_LOAD=3, MAX_PDCH=8. It means, when 2 dedicated PDCH have been used, then other MSs can use other PDCHs, example 2 PDCHs (which mean 1 PDCH is in PDCH_HIGH_LOAD, 1 is dynamic PDCH). That 1 PDCH in PDCH_HIGH_LOAD can’t be used by the TCH, but 1 PDCH in PDCH dynamic, can be used by TCH (Suspend)when Traffic voice is high. Am I right?

Well, thanks again all experts in the world!