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Reply To: RxLevel = – 125 dBm


Hi Lilly, Ali, Pix and m121,
Just read the whole ordeal and enjoyed every word of it..:) thanks for the wonderful investigation.
By the way have you ppl checked the PWRC value ( or PWCR for Siemens ” These guys surely forgot that GSM / ETSI were made for standardization” :))and Lilly/m121 do these cells where this happens have only one radio i.e (BCCH only) or the other radio is down at that time.
As as per the theory (dont know about exact Alcatel Algorithm) if PWRC is set and system is set to ignore BCCH measurements then if a TRX gets down then frequency redefinition process takes place and the MS is set to hop on only one frequency the BCCH and since it is set to discard measurements of BCCH then issues can arrise. (such issues did occur in previous versions of some vendors) like HO and Power control process not taking place from that cell as all measurements were discarded.
Just a very wild card, but I just liked to open it for discussion