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Reply To: RxLevel = – 125 dBm



i used to be based in m’sia, but now i’m back in my native country (the one with the red wine, the smelly cheese and the nano-president).

tems MS (and all MS, btw) are measuring both Full and Sub. And both are reported in the Meas. Reports. I think we both agree about this, don’t we ? 🙂

So let me rephrase : there are still 2 unanswered questions :
1/ why BBH w/ HSN0 is impacting so badly the RXLEV SUB. I guess it has to do with some periodic weird thing happening on the SACCH/0 ?
Lily : what is your value of PWRC ?

2/ why can lily see it in NPO ?
The RMS should show the Full RxLev, not the Sub RxLev (as long as DTX = 0, the Sub is useless).

Thanks for the image of the TEMS, I forgot about it.