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Reply To: RxLevel = – 125 dBm


Hello, dear AliAsgher, Pix and m121!

Oh, so much interesting happened here during last hours 🙂

Actually, there is nothing to add …

Sorry, I’ve just missed – yes, of course, it’s RxLevSub… but it’s obvious of course now

The question about DTX … super – the universal mind should exist – my colleague and me were discussing almost the same on our way back to office…

Dear Pix, as usual, you’re the best:
– you put everything in order
– summed up
– inferred
and get the answer 🙂

Dear Ali, it seems to be the end of active investigation 🙂
HSN = 0 is universal evil…
Let’s change it and then be happy 🙂 As Pix said it isn’t worth further investigating 🙂

Dear m121, answers to your questions:
– either in 900 or 1800 bands
– either after Call Setup or HO (always if you’re allocated on subch 0, MAIO=0 and HSN = 0)
So these problems aren’t similar. Lots of my colleagues work with Siemens BSS, I’ll ask them about your problem, maybe they could help.

Pix, it wasn’t so funny at first…
We were *clever* enough to implement hopping in one region with HSN=0 everywhere, so after the next comparative drivetest (we and other operators) we got there the worst average RxLevSub amongst others … Our management had a tantrum, and so on…
But the best was my boss, he said “Only women can afford themselves light-headed behavior, equipment must work correctly. The problem should be solved before the next drivetest”. But he obviously forgot that Alcatel HW has female temper 🙂
Best wishes from my colleagues from Kiev (your trainees) Inspired by you, they are going to implement lots of features – NC2, DTM 🙂

Best regards,