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Reply To: RxLevel = – 125 dBm


Good day, AliAsgher, Bijoy and Alex_R!

I’ve just sent you some logs I have at hand now. They were made with TEMS 7 and TEMS 8.
Two big ones – from road drivests and the smallest logs – it was investigation of one site with such a problem.

It’s excellent that you’ve joined this discussion 🙂

Sory, but I have no experience with Huawei at all. I work with Alcatel (B10 now).
But the situation you’ve described is strange… Does it happen on certain TS (or TSs)? Or on all TSs on certain TRX?

Dear all,
Some interesting moments from our observation: we saw the problem only in case of using BBH (i.e. it’s always BCCH-trx because MAIO = 0 ), never – in RH. And it’s always subchannel 0. I didn’t see it (yet maybe) if we work in FR.
Correct it, please, if you have additional info.

But the most important thing – in our case all 7 experimental cells were treated by changing HSN from 0 to 0..63 values…

I hope all together we’ll find the explanation 🙂

Best regards, Lily