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Reply To: Alpha & Gamma_Tnx in Alcatel-


Dear Pix,

Thanks you so much for your explanation.

Today, I’ve seen the performance.
Yup, since ALPHA &GAMMA_Tnx=0, then the performance increased significantly (Ul_tbf_Suc_rate = 98-100%).
But it seemed the vendor falled back those setting again last night (I don’t know why) where ALPHA = 10*0.1 and GAMMA_TNx=15*2dB, but the performance till now is still ok ๐Ÿ™‚ Is it a kind of magic in ALU? hehehe.

The way I learned about ALU Parameter was by trying to put other value, or trying to enale/disable some parameters, instead of studying the meaning of the parameter ๐Ÿ™‚ Hehehehe..

By the way, from your equation, If ALPHA=0, and I set GAMMA_TNx=10*2dB = 20dB, then it would be :

PCH = min(GAMMA0 โ€“ GAMMA_Tnx โ€“ ALPHA*(C+48),Pmax)
PCH=min(39dBm – 20dB-0,43 dBm)
then PCH = 19 dBm.

This value is less than PCH=GAMMA0 (which mean no UL_PC for GPRS). And if we see the equation, it’s a matter of reduction, so if UL_PC_GPRS is enable, (ALPHA&GAMMA_TNx are not 0), then UL_PC_GPRS is lower than that without UL_PC_GPRS. Am I right?

From here, I conclude that it’s better to disable UL_PC_GPRS. ALU recommends ALPHA=10*0.1 and GAMMA_TNx=15*2dB. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you know why?

Thanks Alot Pix for your responses, I really appreciate that! Perhaps you could help me related to my opinions above. :):)

Best Regards,