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Reply To: Alpha & Gamma_Tnx in Alcatel-


Dear Pix,

Thanks for your information. but, I’m rather confuse right now.

In thread :

you said that GAMMA_TNx=UL PC in GPRS. And others (Yogesh Singh) said that if we set Gamma_TNx=0. than it will emit at maximum power.
He said => UL TX POWER = GAMMA – 16 dB.
And he recommended to set GAMMA_Tnx and Alpha = 0.

From your last information (related to the thread), UL TX POWER = GAMMA – ALPHA(DLRxLEV+48).
If I set ALPHA=0, then, UL TX POWER = GAMMA. So actually, which is the best solution, set both ALPA and GAMMA_TNx to 0 (as Yogesh recomendation), or only set ALPHA to 0 but gamma in Max value (in ALU documentation, default gamma_TNx is 30 and Max is 62, by your recommendation)?

From your equation, GAMMA_Tnx and ALPHA actually are for UL PC in GPRS.

This morning (Indonesia time :)), I’ve read the statistic. It seems ALU Vendor did change last night where ALPA = 1 (means 1*0.1) and GAMMA_Tnx = 0. And the the UL_Tbf_Establisment_success increase significantly. That is what makes me a little bit confuse. In your equation, that would be ==> UL TX POWER=0-1(DLRXLEV+48)

Could you please clarify my confuse Pix?

Thanks Alot for your response,