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Reply To: 2G to 3G HO


Dear All,

@Sunny : related your opinions
1.Both 2G&3G have the same voice quality, 5.9 amr or 12.2 amr. What’s the relation with “to keep the 2 networks as independent as possible”. Need your help to explain it again 🙂

2.However the edge data user have to go have to idle mode reselection to 3G. I understand this 🙂

3.So it is important to put the 3G access parameter to floor , so it wont select 2G until 3G is dead. I’m sorry, i don’t understand clearly about this. What does mean “to put 3G access parameter to floor”?

@Machine : Sorry, my netwrok doesn’t use 3G ALU, but 3G Huawei. We only use ALU in 2G, but i think the concept is the same.

Best regards,