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Reply To: DTM Feature activation in B10



well, even without DTM in the cell, a MS is able to receive the CS paging in the DL PACCH. The only thing that matters is that the CS paging is forwarded onto the PACCH of this TBF.

This MS doesn’t even have to be DTM-capable to receive the CS Paging.

Well, that’s what you said below, but you said there is an exception for pure “UL TBF”… Don’t know why.


1/ yes Gs interface will benefit for all MS. But that is just ONE way to coordinate the Pagings. In B11, the BSC can do the coordination even without the Gs interface.

2/ yes, the paging is “lost” : the MS doesn’t answer to it.

3/ I don’t know what kind of applications would send a PS Paging. Perhaps some kind of “slow” and “bursty” applications (reception of emails ? blackbery stuff ? etc.)