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Reply To: DTM Feature activation in B10



gs is not mandatory. Only benefit of Gs is the ability for a subscriber to RECEIVE a phone call while browsing.
Without Gs, the user can still
1/ MAKE a phone call while browsing.
2/ RECEIVE and SEND data while in a voice call.

– Best way to test
without Gs, I would say you should perform a DL + UL FTP (download + upload) and establish a call while doing the FTP transfer.
Why UL+DL ? So that you have a TBF in both direction that should both be re-establish after the call setup.
You can see how the throughputs are impacted.
Of course, most users are going to use Web browsing rather than FTP… so you are actually testing the worst case scenario.
Then, while doing a call, start a FTP DL transfer.
Then, still during a voice call, ask someone to send you a MMS.
Also, during a call, change Routing Area : the routing area update should be transmitted over FACCH, and that should not impact the voice quality to much.
Durng all those tests, the MS should be GPRS-ATTACHED.

Leave it to NMO II, because you don’t have the Gs Interface.

– MS type
try the latest N9x from Nokia, those fellows support all latest features. You can check the technical specs of the phone, they’ll state if the MS is dtm capable or not.