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Reply To: Poor Downlink Quality


Dear Kesaar,

Bad RXQual in DL has many factors.

Those are : 1. Weak signal
2. Interference
Weak signal ==> please check TA of the site as to know how far the site coverage is and also to know the user distribution. If in TA analysis most users are in far/low level signal, then u need to consider to bypass the TRX.

Interference ==> Please check from TA, whether its coverage is overshoot towarsd other site or not. Also check the frequecy allocated in the site (check if adjacent/co-channel happen).
If this site is in the main city, usually the problem is interference. Check also by drive test whether all MAlist channels (hoping channel) also have interference. If yes, then you may need to change Malist freq, or add malist frequecncy and change its MAIO (if FLP).