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Reply To: handover failure due to protocol error


hi alu,

the bts should send the PHY INFO asap in order to stop the sending of the HO ACCESS msg.

There are a lot of good info on 3GPP TS04.18 (or 44.18). One thing you could try is decrease T3105 to the minimal possible value (0 ?):

When sending the PHYSICAL INFORMATION message, the network starts timer T3105. If this timer times out before the reception of a correctly decoded layer 2 frame in format A or B (see 3GPP TS 04.06), or a correctly decoded TCH frame from the mobile station, the network repeats the PHYSICAL INFORMATION message and restarts timer T3105. The maximum number of repetitions is Ny1.

But anyway, it looks like a BTS problem, because it seems to me that this PHY INFO should be sent by the BTS whatever the status of the HO.
BTW, this msg is sent only in case of ASYNCHRONOUS HO –> can you disable synchronous HO, in order to force all HO to be async ?

Let’s see what the real problem is, but at least it allowed us to gain good knowledge on this specific area.
And my apologies to NSS, for once they don’t seem to be involved in an external HO failure 🙂