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Reply To: handover failure due to protocol error


Dear Pix,
The RTAC/BSS Team is already investigating the traces and we are waiting for their response. In the meanwhile, continuing our investigation over here, we know that after the HO ACCESS Bursts, we don’t see any Physical Information message from the BTS and the timer “T3124” expires resulting in HO Failures. Now, in the message flow, I see that once the MS Sends a HO Access, a msg HO Detection is sent from BTS to BSC and a corresponding msg DT1 HO Detect sent from BSC to MSC. Now, do you think that sending of Physical information from BTS is related with this DT1 HO Detect(BSC-MSC) or is it(Phy Info) sent irrespective of whether DT1 HO Detect message was successful or not?