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Reply To: handover failure due to protocol error


Dear Pix,
All BSCs are of Alcatel.There is no other vendor in this area. All the three BSCs(say A,B,C) are located in the same vicinity. I think the problem is with BSC “B”. All outgoing HO’s from (B to A) and (B to C) are having this problem(note that B only has border with these 2 BSCs). However, A and C have borders with multiple BSCs but for them,only the outgoing Handovers towards B are failing. So, thats why I think there should be something wrong with BSC “B”.
The problem is only with these 3 BSCs and its showing from the NPO Reports aswell.There is degradation in Outgoing Inter BSC Handover Success Rate for these 3 BSCs. Percentage of ROC has increased and correspondingly degradation in CDR observed aswell.
Also the problem started for all the BSCs at the same hour. Now, BSS/Core Team are still insisting that there was no activity from their side that led to this degradation. What to do now :)?