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Reply To: handover failure due to protocol error


Rex : you’re right about the SUM card, it’s what I was thinking about when i said “bts hardware” problem. But I don’t think the message would be “protocol error”?

Ali: you can’t say things like this on a forum… We have to respect telecom companies, whatever we subjectively feel about them. Now, fair comparisons are always welcomed, but I’ve never met any field engineer that have any major complaint about ALU, compared to other vendors. Each vendor has its own strong points.

But anyway, if you never faced database discrepancies in E/// or Huawei, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist 🙂 Databases will always show some bugs, once in a while. Note that in 6 yrs of field work, I -never- faced this “failed HO” due to database problem. I heard about it, and it was only once 😉