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Reply To: Subscriber unreachable


Hi Fresh Opt,

I would say GPRS CAN lead to paging discards, but in my opinion, the effect of GPRS on paging discards will be minimal. I say CAN because if you’re using combined procedures for both CS and PS paging, then it’s possible some CS pages will be discarded when the paging queue is full (due to many PS pages). I hope we’re on the same page regarding ‘paging discards’.

The ability or otherwise to page subscribers connected to GPRS depends on several factors.
1. Your GPRS network operation mode( mode III is required to be able to have concurrent PS and CS connections)
2. MS capabilities (CLASS A and B MSs can engage in both PS and CS connections at the same time)
3. The MS’s GPRS MM state

Let me elaborate a little on 3: For an ordinary MS which is GPRS ‘connected’, the ability or otherwise to page it depends on the current MM state. If the MS is engaging in packet transfer(READY state), then it can’t monitor the paging channel, thus it can’t respond to pages. However, if the MS is in standby or Idle state, it can respond to pages.