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Reply To: RACH Min Access Level vs RX Min Aces Lev


the parameter names are not exactly the same as in alcatel, but i’ll gve it a shot anyway. please correct me if i’m wrong

RACH min access level : sensitivity threshold of the TRX, below which it will not care to decode the content of a message (UL) sent on the RACH.

RxMinAccessLevel : threshold below chich a MS will considered itself as “Out of Coverage”. If you set it at -102dBm, then … if the MS receives -103dBm or less, it will be out of coverage. Won’t send the channel request, won’t decode DL messages. Will try to reselect another cell.

I’m not sure that either parameter would improve the PSR. You can test them though…
(the 1st parameter is probably not changeable and depends on TRX capabilities)