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Reply To: HO failure cause congestion


Hello, Pix!

Thank you very much for clear and detailed explanation 🙂 shame on me 🙂
I’m starting to implement recommended settings. I’ll share the result – maybe it will be useful for somebody one day 🙂

About KPI *TCH_blocking_rate* – unfortunately we can’t just choose which formula to use…
We received from Moscow HQ new QoS standard and there was the next unambiguous formula:

TCH_Blocking_Rate(%) = 100 * (MC812 + MC541A + MC551 + MC561) / (MC812 + MC541A + MC551 + MC561 + MC15A + MC15B+ MC703)

Before we use this one:

TCH_Blocking_Rate (%) = 100.0*( MC812) / ( MC140A-( MC142E+ MC142F))

So now for us HO_congestion impacts TCH_blocking_rate (Most important KPI!!!) very much :((((

That’s why we’re now fighting windmills 🙁

Once more – many many thanks to you !