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Reply To: HO failure cause congestion


Hi all
Can someone enlighten me regarding ERP and EiRP and what is the formula used?
Another issue that I have:
I just implemented Intra-cell HO and HR/FR paramter to a number of sites and the result is what I expected (a reduction of HO drop)however, I am experiencing high volume of call blocking while there are still resources available. The percentage of time all resources have been used is 0% and still blocking calls. Can someone provides some help Please…!
Something came to mind but I do not have any documentation to support it: I was thinking that the system automatically hold on to a number of time slots to allow the Intracell HO due to Bad Qual and the AMR FR/HR which gives priority to actual traffic (with a number of time slots already occupied) than incoming traffic. It seems that the system prioritizes the resources for actual traffic therefore does not allocate any resources for incoming traffic causing blocking. Please your help will greatly appreciated.