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Reply To: T200 optimal value


Thanks pix & zbigniew.
It has been a nice discussion.

I work with siemens system & i just started working with this t200 last couple of days ago.
So far i’ve seen, this parameter description is not that clear for siemens and i was not getting enough confidence to change this value.
I was changing this value with a step of 5.
After following the calculation provided by u two, i got an abrupt positive result. Thanks again to both of u.

My SD problem is solved.
But, according to SPOTS, i’m getting TCH (EIT200EXPF, within NRFLTCH) drop for t200 in case of full rate.

Is it facchTCHF to change to decrease TCH drop ??

Plz kindly explain in detail like before.

Titumeer !!