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Reply To: Abnormal TBF drop in DL/UL (Alcatel)


Dear Pix, good evening!
Many many thanks to you.
We’ll join the world very soon 🙂 And now we use both RNO and NPO, we aren’t so obsolete 🙂 Soon we’ll migrate to B10 and then …

About that problem with TBF drops: solution has just revealed itself. Two days ago we had problem with one of those BSCs – “BSC connection lost”, so we had to reset active omcp board. After such manipulations maintenance was restored of course, but moreover – problem with TBF drops was solved too :)) Is it Alcatel’s temper or Alcatel’s magic? We shared this info with our TAC – they agreed to repeat the experiment with three other BSCs. If it works, then – four nights and all 12 BSCs will be treated.

Oh, one question about NPO (sorry, I have little experience with this tool now): I couldn’t find sheet “Adjacency” – it should be (it was in RNO) on left panel, below the Cell/BSS/TRx/BTS etc sheets. But now it is absent. Whole our department was trying to find it but unsuccessfully.
Maybe we were searching in wrong place?

Once more – many thanks!