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Reply To: No paging response.


Hi folks,

I think that we defined the problem. First of all, the T3212 has two meanings in our network: 4 hours for urban area and 6 hours for rural area. Several weeks ago T3212 was equal for both areas – 4 hours.

There are two parameters on MSC which have relation to LU:
“BTDM=btdm Base time duration in minutes. The base time must be as long as the longest periodic location
updating time in the interworking BSC’s.”
“GTDM=gtdm Guard time duration in minutes. The guard time is used to prevent unnecessary marking of MS
implicit detached, for example if the system clocks are not
synchronized in the MS and in the MSC/VLR.”

Previous meaning of BTDM was 4 hours. Now we’ve changed it and hope it will change the situation. We’ll see…

Thanks for your advices. 🙂