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Reply To: Increase in Interferance HOs with DTX


Hi Pix,

Yes you were right,changing threshold is hiding problem but though there is no increase degradation in RxQual.
Secondaly, We are Using AMR FR & AMR HR, Power Control is also enabled in both UL & DL & Frequency Plan is based on Optimised plan from a tool Output based on sig strenth & measuring BCCH’s.

This Bad DL Quality scenario is across all the network. e have done lot of Physical Optimization & overshooting but still DL Rx Qual is below 95%(0to5/0to7)samples.
Can you suggest what need to be checked further. Also i suspect following, please suggest :

1.Disabling AMR(can there be AMR issue)??
2.Can DTM effect in RxQual DL??
3.Can there be a difference in RxQual Sub & Full…do u have any instances where after Disabling DTX, We can see improved RxQuality??