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Reply To: Increase in Interferance HOs with DTX


Hi sergio,

It is the weight given to a measurement done during a multiframe (480ms) where DTX was not used. It is FULL.

If DTX was applied, the measurement is a “SUB” measurement, taking into account only measuring of the SACCH bursts (there are no TCH bursts, they are all empty). Here the weight is always 1.

For example : W_QUAL_HO = 3.
samples 1 and 2 are “FULL”, and 3 and 4 are “SUB”.
AV_RXQUAL = [3*RXQUAL(1)+ 3*RXQUAL(2) + RXQUAL(3)+RXQUAL(4)] / 8

Here you see, you must define the A QUAL HO (averagin window) = 8. Because 1 and 2 weights 3 times more, the actual number of samples in the average is only 4.
So when you increase the Weight, be sure that you increase the Averaging Window too. Multiply it by “0.75*weight”, that should be not too bad 🙂