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Reply To: paging group calculate?


thnx Binit for your response, actually its the formula basically which is creating all the confusion. I understand this but how to calculate it in excel e.g. if my IMSI ID is 006236488199771 and with non combined 9 CCCH configuration with 8 PCH and 1 AGCH blocks and the value of number of mltiframes between paging is 3 then what would be the result as per your calculation? because when i right =MOD(IMSI ID, 1000) it give #N/A …:(.. dont understand what i am doing wrong.

My other query, we were facing severe paging deletions in some of our LACs, we did the trial recently and by reducing the parameter value of “numberOfMultiframesbetweenPaging” from 6->3 we observed tremendous improvement in paging deletions, how? and what could be adverse affects of this change (if any) other than shorter battery life time? and how can we quantify that?