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Reply To: path balance

Main Zandu

Path balance terminology is global term & not vendor Restricted

“The link balance between UL & DL on Um interface”

Path Balance= Path loss+ 110

path loss = UL Path Loss-DL Path Loss

(1)UL Path loss =Actual MS TX power- Rxlev_UL
(2)DL Path Loss =Actual BTS TX Power- Rx Lev_DL

If PB report pegs 120 or more then problem with RX PATH having high UL Path Loss

IF PB report pegs 100 or less then problem with TX PATH having high DL Path Loss

Path loss of + or – 6 is OK which ranges to -104 to -116 dbm

NOW ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION “what the value -110 and -105 means in path balance report in motorola” is

-110 means very good balanced radio path having no path loss

-105 means slighly more DL path loss with TX path needs to be chk.

Please revert for any more query.

I think u r in LOOP MUMBAI N/W RF guy??? Is it…