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Reply To: What type of call drop is this?


Yes, a handover happens.

& then the call gets mute.

Not all calls are getting mute but many do gets.

Duration is not fixed, actually i didn’t focused on that.

yes in ericsson BTS the ciphering is off but in nokia it is enabled. But what does it has to do with call mute at your end but release at other end?

DTX & TFO , i didn’t get how?

But one thing is sure, the border where all this mess is going on is having both the cells with more or less equal strengths.

Could it be some media issue among the two MSC’s i.e. nokia & ericsson.

Why does the release from network is not reaching the MS?

How can network control the behavior of MS like, MS get Hanged. Only power off gets it back to network.

Kindly help as vendor has doing hit & trial.