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Reply To: ericsson power control



thanks bijoy and arpan.

Here i have high tch drop in railway cells .for improving tch drop i want to play with htis power control para? so can u help me?

here i have for example bts power contro seetings are like this.

ssdesl – -90
ssdesdlafr – -90
ssdesdlahr – -88
and for quality

qdesl – 30
qdesdlafr – 40
qdesdlahr – 30

so by changing this value at which i can gain imrovement?

but i have doubt abt lcompdl and qcompdl , regintdl,updownratiodl how i relate this value? bijoy,arpan can u explain this term in simple language.

and by decreasing sslendl,sslenul,qlendl,qlenul sachh period can i gain in tch drop?