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Reply To: ericsson power control


Hi Krish
In Ericsson ,like other vendors there is no power control window,but a specific value,viz,SSDESUL,SSDESDL,QDESUL & QDESDL.Similar parameters are there for AMRFR & AMRHR also.BTS tries to provide SSDESDL & QDESDL to the MS and MS tries to provide SSDESUL & QDESUL to the BTS for the same call.SSDESDL & QDESDL is measured by MS and reported back & then BTS PC takes place accordingly.Similarly SSDESUL & QDESUL is measured by BTS and sent to MS & then MS PC takes place accordingly.QLENUL,SSLENUL,QLENDL & SSLENUL defines for how many SACCH periods the filtering & compensation will be done

If you need some specific info,let me know