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Reply To: Data Services after cell re selection


Thanks Pix and Bijoy for the replies.

1.There will be PS assignment reject or failure in this case.Have you checked the reasons.

– There is no PS assignment reject or failure message.

2.What is the Rx_lev_acccess min for GPRS.check that.

– It is 98 dB

3.Is there N3101 or N3103 overflow.

– Yes inthe performance statistics, I had found overflow for N3101 in the Uplink and due to POLL & N3105 in the Downlink.

4.If call setup indication rate is poor.In this case,check the PS paging success rate LAC and RAC wise.

– No PBCCH, using the signalling of BCCH

5.Are you using NACC or NCCR(Network controlled cell reslection)?

– It is MS controlled cell reselection.

6.What is the value of t3168?

– It is 4s

7.Are you using extended UL TBF function.

– Yes