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Reply To: Data Services after cell re selection


Vendor is ZTE

The main issue is after reselection out of 100 time, 50 time MS is able to resume the service and other 50 time MS cant resume the service.

In the signalling i have noticed as below:

1.) MS is not responding to Packet Uplink Assignment and Packet Uplink Ack/Nack.

2.) After this there are a series of Immediate Assignment in which the access cause is “Answer to Paging” but after that also services are not resumed.

3.) Service got resumed after refreshing the page or after re openning the site or start starting the download aagin (i.e. when MS is sending the EGPRS packet channel request) again.

Pls help me Pix/Bijoy to find the out the rot cause of the problem and kindly guide me on which parameters i need to work.