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Reply To: EIRP & Rx Level



taking a micro cabinet as an example with a TX Power of 33dBm, and connecting an antenna of 2 dbi directly, wat will be the rx level i get for this then? EIRP for this will be 33-0+2=35dbm.


As u said, if RX level=EIRP-pathloss, and as i dont have any pathloss here, my rxlevel should be 35 u mean?

but the rx level we receive in tems pocket is in -ve. there lies the confusion.

u have added antenna gain 2 times. how is it? and wat does FSPL mean?

Now have a look at this formula. Its from a practical tool. But i dont understand the values used here.

RX Level=EIRP-(32.4+20*LOG10(0.9)+10*3*LOG(D)) where D is Distance in m.

pls clarify