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Reply To: The simplest question – MC14a (Alcatel)


Good morning, Pix!
🙂 ) )
Thanks a million for you help, thanks for info, your answer is very detailed, everything is clear now.
I’ve prepared a letter to our TAC, I hope they can help with this “escaped” counter 🙂 I’ve found out that problem appeared after HR activation on this cell and, to be true, solving this problem turned out to be much easier than its detecting. I was ready to start recreation of these cells – but I found out that problem didn’t exist any more (the only thing had been done with these 2 cells was lock/unlock tres and ancd s 🙂
It would be very interesting to perform a drive-test on these cells when problem was existing in order to see how this situation looks exactly (through L3 messages), but the time has gone 🙂

Once more – many many thanks!
Have a nice day!