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Reply To: The simplest question – MC14a (Alcatel)


Hello Lily,

Don’t you ever go on holidays ?? 🙂 I’m glad I don’t, so I can learn from your (impossibly weird) problems.

You are in release B9 and unfortunately you are RIGHT. This counter and the associated indicator are not available in the RNO tool. They are in the NPO B10 though. It is well defined in the configuration file of RNO, so I don’t understand why it is not imported.

Please find the full description in my next post.

And please highlight this problem to your TAC…

Once thing : the counter is incremented either on target or on servng cell, depending on when the problem was (before the HO or after)
So my first step would be to analyse the HO Flow, see whether the drop is during an incoming HO or outgoing HO, between which cells, and since when…

Well, your question was about localizing this counter : your alphabetical skills are fantastic, because it is indeed exactly where you said it should be…. but in NPO B10 :))