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Reply To: Multiple CCCH


the difference lies in the number of PCH blocks within the 9 CCCH blocks.
According to your settings, there are
2 AGCH blocks
–> 7 PCH blocks.

In my computation, there are only 5 PCH blocks.

Second assumption in “my” calculation : in average there are only 2.5 MS being paged per Paging Request. (ratio of IMSI paging and TMSI paging… type 1, 2 and 3, and all…)

Third assumption : the 60% load… but here, we use the same value.

Anyway, 40 and 33 are not so far away. Are you sure you have taken into account your 7 PCH blocks ?
I will copy here the details of “my” calculation, so you can check it out, on monday.