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Reply To: Multiple CCCH


I was referring to Air-Interface.

MY question remains there that where these figures are coming from?

33 Pages/sec according to you and 40 we are using.

With setting as (CCCH_Conf=0, res_ag_blks=2 and bs_pa_mfrms=2)

We have total of 28 Paging blocks during an interval of 941.5(235*4)milli seconds which makes that network will repeat paging for same paging group after almost (941.5/28) 33 m seconds.
(I am making an assumptin that one CCCH block is one page as mentioned by you in your previous post).
Now if we take inverse of 33 m seconds it will make 29.74 Pages per second.

Now what do you think of this calculation and why it is different from 33 and 40?Is it logical or I have misunderstood something?