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Reply To: Multiple CCCH


OK PIX and Abdel, Thanks alot for both of you taking time out to answer my question.
Just to sum it all up,

“If I have two LACs each with say 125 cells and same number of TRXs currently operating with single CCCH timeslot(CCCH_Conf=0, res_ag_blks=2 and bs_pa_mfrms=2) and if I increase 1 CCCH timeslot for all cells of both LACs then I can combine them into one keeping other variables same.

Is this assumption cum conclusion of mine is correct?

Second, as far as I know one Paging request messiage type 3 carrying paging message for 4 MSs will take one CCCH block(4 consecutive timeslots).Is this correct also?

Thanks again!