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Reply To: Directed Retry Paramters


Pan, I trust u that u did, well I am working currently on a zte msc and i checked inside out and this feature is not available so i am gonna test the queueing without msc activation and see how it works, so how about ur network did u activate the queueing at the congested cells only or to all the cells, cuz these this feature will do its work when there are no TCHs available , i see it beneficial to active on all cells.
I tried to search some info at the internet on queuing so most of them ended up in the IEEE digital library they claim they have 2 million technical articals but it requires a username which can only be logged in by IEEE memberships, they say it costs 140 bucks per year to join them. so i am interested to join it what do u think pan? and then get access to this nice gsm and UMTS articlels? from the abstract the really looked good but may be some of these articals are too technical i am not sure.