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Reply To: Directed Retry Paramters


Pan is right, again (booo-o-ooring)

MSC allows the queuing of a TCH request
the BSC will actually DO it.

2 activation parameters:
MSC parameter to allow TCH queue
BSC parameter to perform TCH queue

if MSC doesn’t authorize the TCH queue, then you might have a BSC parameter called “Queue Anyway”, which will trick the MSC : the TCH queue is performed anyway, but without informing the MSC 🙂 The time of queuing should be shorter than the time that the MSC is waiting for the response from BSC 🙂
TCH queue contains 2 main parameters:
– T11 (queue duration)
– BTS Q LENGTH (number of tch requests that can be queued for one cell)

Finally, you’re right about DR :
there are thresholds about rxlev and capacity in the neirhbour.

DR must be enabled in ALL the cells, along with FORCED DR. They are mandatory mechanism to share the load among cells (IMO).