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Reply To: QoS Degrading


@Pix:”In alcatel-lucent, the calls are not hopping from TRX to TRX. It is the TRX itself that is changing frequency. So one faulty TRX impacts only the 8 calls (or so) that it carries.”

Not in Alcatel-Lucent only but in all the vendors where you are using Synthesized Frequency hopping(SFH)a faulty hopping TRX shall affect only 8 TCHs which are being carried by this TRX.
While in baseband hopping each call hops from one TRX hardare to other TRX hardwre to achieve hopping so one faulty TRX will affect all the calls and this is true for BCCH also as timeslots 1 to 7 of BCCH carriers are also hopping in baseband hopping scenario.