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Reply To: # of TRX a LAC can carry


I get some info,plz confirm

1. combined bcch has 3 CCCH blocks
2. noncombined bcch has 9 blocks.
3. In our network i have 2 agch blocks and 5 for pch a total of 7 blocks,therefore can increase the PCH from 5 to 7 cuz i have still 2 CCH blocks left for me?
4.This is how i did to calculate the PCH load, (in the cell parameter the load threshold for pch is 60)
paging times per hour=80,000
PCH blocks=5
length of a single frame=235ms
TMSI or IMSI paging: TMSI paging

5 pch blocks X 3 paging messages per block=15 paging messages/235 ms
64 paging messages/second
230,400 messages per hour

60% load X 230,400=138,240 per hour.

I think I still get some paging space for this lac?