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Reply To: Cell face high SD fail after LAC cutover



1/ Could you try to increase the Cell Reselect Hysteresis in both cells ? Also, increase the HO_Margin in both directions.

2/ Could you relocate (and add) the SDCCH timeslot onto other TRX’s ?

3/ Could you resize the size of the RSL on the Abis for the TRE that are carrying SDCCH timeslots ? I mean.. instead of multiplexing 4 RSL in 1 Abis TS, try to multiplex only 2 RSL / Abis TS.

Could you give me the RTCH_Assign_Fail_Radio_Rate and *_BSS_Rate and *_Cong_Rate ?

Do you see an increase in the amount of RTCH_Assign_Request ?