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Reply To: PDCH Utilization


Hello toto,

But my question remain correct 🙂 If PDCH Load is “your” indicator then it’s up to you to define it.

If you’re referring to an existing ALU (Alcatel-LUcent) indicator, then you will find the formula in NPO:

Slave PDTCH downlink occupancy per cell.
Reference: maximum number of PAGCH/PDTCH/PACCH blocks that can be sent considering the cumulative time during which PDCH(s) (slave ) are established and carry at least one UL or DL TBF.

( (P350a) / (12 * (P38e) * 4.166666667))

or in other words:
GPRS_DL_RLC_block_PDTCH / (12 * GPRS_PDCH_limited_DL_traffic_time * 4.166666667)

… and in uplink:

( (P350b) / (12 * (P38f) * 4.166666667))

or in other words:
GPRS_UL_RLC_block_PDTCH / (12 * GPRS_PDCH_limited_UL_traffic_time * 4.166666667)