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Reply To: SGSN detach flag


ya,all the parameters are SGSN parameters..

VLR cleaning is also timer given is SGSN…

According to me,this para come in picture only after enabling GS..Otherwise SGSN will always thnks that the IMSI get detached has been removed from VLR..

Detach timer resets only when someone try to access GPRS…after the session is closed,again it rolls over…

In case of Always online mode,it never trigger..

Person is having Ericson handset,gets detach during night hours..When he tries to access web,suddenly he receives lots of messages of missed calls..(He has a missed call alert facility)

This happens after no activity of call or GPRS & during night hours only…(probably..)

No such case have been seen in nokia handsets(victim has tried both..)

We are working on other ericson handsets…

By the way,r u nokia guy..?